Sunday, August 24, 2008

QlikView Reference Manual

A co-worker, one of the newer guys, asked me a question about QlikView the other day. He had an old copy of the QV reference manual displayed on his laptop. “Where did you get that?”, I asked. “That’s the manual they gave me when my laptop was set up”, he replied. As the Greek poet Homer said, “D’oh!”. I can’t use the general-purpose consultant answer RTFM if the user’s FM is two versions old!

You may already have a current reference manual on your PC. If you installed the full version of QlikView then the reference manual corresponding to your version of QlikView can be found in the same folder as the QlikView software programs (typically, c:\program files\qlikview). If the manual isn’t there, consider re-installing QlikView and this time specify the full installation. If you are in a corporate environment and your I.T. group can’t or won’t provide a QV reference manual then you can find one on the QlikView website,; you’ll have to register for QlikCommunity in order to access the reference materials. A visit to the website is worthwhile whether you need a new reference manual or not – I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

Also check out this more recent posting about QlikView help: (QlikView Tutorial)

The reference manual can’t be read like a novel but search for a topic whenever you feel you’d like to know more and you’ll become more proficient with data analysis. If (like most) you are not a manual reader then you can generally find answers to your questions through the Help text available throughout the QlikView application.

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